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Swap Failed?

How to verify if your swap has been processed or has failed.

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When conducting transactions on MetaMask, it's crucial to know whether your transaction has been processed successfully or if it has failed. This guide provides steps to verify the status of your transaction and offers solutions in case of failure.

Verifying Your Transaction Status

  1. Open MetaMask: Start by launching the MetaMask application.

  2. Navigate to the Activity Tab: Within MetaMask, locate and click on the "Activity" tab to view your recent transactions.

If Your Transaction Failed

  • Identifying a Failed Transaction: If your transaction is marked as "Failed" in the Activity tab, it's likely due to network congestion.

  • Solution: To address this, attempt the transaction again, but this time, select the "Aggressive Gas" option. This increases the gas fee, giving your transaction a higher priority on the network and a better chance of being processed successfully.

If Your Transaction Was Successful

  • Confirmation: A successful transaction will be listed in the Activity tab without the "Failed" status.

  • Next Steps: Should you need further assistance or wish to report the successful transaction, please proceed as follows:

    • On the MultiSwap screen, locate and click on the help icon at the bottom right corner,

Visit the Ferrum Network Help Centre directly.

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