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How can I view my swap history?
How can I view my swap history?
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The "My Trades" screen within Multiswap serves as a dedicated section for users to review their past swap transactions. This feature is designed to provide transparency and allow users to keep track of their activities on the platform. Here's a breakdown of how this functionality enhances the user experience:

Purpose and Utility

  • Transaction Overview: The "My Trades" screen compiles a comprehensive list of all swap transactions a user has completed. This includes details such as the date and time of each swap, the tokens exchanged, the amounts involved, and the transaction status.

  • Record Keeping: For users who need to maintain records of their transactions for accounting, tax purposes, or personal tracking, this feature is invaluable. It provides an easy way to retrieve historical data without manually recording each transaction.

  • Performance Analysis: Traders and investors can use their swap history to analyze their trading strategies' performance over time. This can help in making informed decisions for future trades.

  • Troubleshooting and Support: In case of disputes or issues with specific transactions, the "My Trades" screen offers a straightforward way to identify and reference particular swaps when seeking support or clarification.

User Experience

  • Accessibility: The "My Trades" screen is designed to be easily accessible within the Multiswap interface, ensuring that users can quickly navigate to their swap history without hassle.

  • User Interface: The layout of the "My Trades" screen is typically user-friendly, displaying the swap history in a clear and organized manner, often with filtering and sorting options to help users find specific transactions.

  • Privacy and Security: Access to the "My Trades" screen is secured by the user's login credentials, ensuring that swap history remains private and accessible only to the account owner.

How to Access

  1. Log In: Users need to log into their Multiswap account by connecting their supported wallet (e.g., Metamask).

  2. Navigation: Once logged in, users can navigate to the "My Trades" section, often found in the side menu.

  3. Review: Users can then review their swap history, analyze past transactions, and utilize the data as needed for their purposes.

This feature underscores Multiswap's commitment to providing a transparent and user-centric platform, enabling users to manage and review their swap activities effectively.

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