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Can I send swapped tokens to a different address?
Can I send swapped tokens to a different address?

Make payments across chains, or send tokens to cold wallet address in one atomic transaction.

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Multiswap's "Send To" feature, also known as MultiWallet Transfers, enhances the flexibility and utility of the platform by allowing users to directly swap tokens to a specific address different from their own. This functionality is particularly useful in various scenarios, making the platform more adaptable to users' needs.

Use Cases and Benefits

  1. Sending Gifts or Payments: Users can easily use Multiswap to send tokens as gifts or payments to friends, family, or business associates. Instead of first swapping tokens to their wallet and then sending them to the recipient, users can directly input the recipient's address, streamlining the process.

  2. Swap and Transfer to Cold Wallet: Through an atomic transaction, you can swap your tokens from the source chain and specify a cold wallet address where tokens will be deposited on the destination chain. The tokens will be received in the specified cold wallet on the destination chain without ever having to connect to a dApp or requiring any gas on the destination chain.

  3. Funding Other Accounts: Individuals or organizations managing multiple wallets or accounts can benefit from this feature. For example, a user might want to swap tokens and directly send them to their trading or savings account on another blockchain, bypassing the need to transfer tokens between their own wallets.

  4. Enhanced Security: By allowing tokens to be sent directly to a different address, users can minimize the exposure of their primary wallet. This can be a strategic move to enhance security, especially for large transactions or when operating in less secure environments.

  5. Simplifying Operations for Businesses: Businesses that accept payments in various cryptocurrencies can use Multiswap to convert payments into their preferred token and directly send them to their operational wallets. This can significantly simplify accounting and treasury management.

How It Works

  • When executing a swap on Multiswap, the user encounters a "Send To" field.

  • Instead of leaving this field blank or using their own address, the user inputs the address where they want the swapped tokens to be sent.

  • Upon completion of the swap, the tokens are directly transferred to the specified address, bypassing the user's wallet.

This feature adds a layer of convenience and efficiency, as it eliminates the need for an additional transaction from the user's wallet to the final destination, saving time and potentially reducing transaction fees.

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