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How do I update my wallet address for presales or the vesting claim portal powered by Iron Vest?
How do I update my wallet address for presales or the vesting claim portal powered by Iron Vest?
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It's not always possible to update the presale wallet address based on the limitations of the raise, claim, or vesting portals. Our team will need to figure this out after we receive your request. First, please take a look at the instructions below to get the process started.

If it is possible to update your wallet, we will need to take specific steps to verify your wallet ownership of the existing wallet before making the update.

Instructions Outline

  1. Verify Old Wallet Ownership (Instructions provided below)

  2. Verify identity by Telegram message (We will notify you when to send this)

  3. Get approval from Project

  4. Make the necessary updates

Please complete the first step before submitting a ticket to our team. Here are the instructions for the first step.

Verify Old Wallet Ownership

Steps to Sign a Message to Verify Wallet Ownership

  1. Access MyEtherWallet:
    Go to MyEtherWallet.

  2. Access the Wallet:
    You will need access to your Ethereum wallet. You need to connect your wallet to the MyEtherWallet site. Do not create a new wallet. Click Access My Wallet. After selecting Access My Wallet, you can select the appropriate method (e.g., hardware wallet, MetaMask, MEWconnect, etc.) and follow the instructions to connect your wallet.

  3. Navigate to Message Signing:
    Once logged in, you should navigate to the 'Message' section, usually found under a menu or tab labeled something like "Tools" or "More".

  4. Enter and Sign the Message:

    1. Enter the following message for verification into the message box.

      ​I am [Enter your full name here] with Telegram Handle [Enter your Telegram Handle with @ symbol here], and I am the owner of the wallet [Enter your old wallet address here]. I would like to update my wallet to [Enter your new wallet address here] for the [Enter presale or claim portal name here].

      I am John Cena with Telegram Handle @theChamp, and I am the owner of the wallet 0x0Bdb79846e8331A19A65430363f240Ec8aCC2A52. I would like to update my wallet to 0x3c7DE50E58Dd2629C4e3807E79d87C56eaA660F4 for the Forge Coin presale claim portal.

    2. After entering the message, click on 'Sign Message' or a similar button.

  5. Provide the Signed Message:

    1. Upon signing the message, MEW will generate a signed version of the message. This typically includes the original message, the signature, and the wallet address.

    2. Please send this signed message in a reply to this conversation for verification.

Once you have completed the above steps, provide the signed message to our team through a helpdesk ticket, and our team will assist you with the next steps.


You will need to pay the gas fee for the address update transaction and pay an admin fee for processing the request.

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