cFRM Migration Guide

Learn how to migrate cFRM tokens from BSC to Arbitrum.

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If you want to move your cFRM tokens from BSC to Arbitrum during the migration period, follow the instructions below.


Checkout the article below that explains the Crucible migration from BSC to Arbitrum:

cFRM Migration Steps

  1. Connect your wallet (that you used to stake cFRM BSC)

  2. On the Crucible Dashboard, select cFRM BSC pool.

  3. Click next to get past the intro video

  4. Click unstake

  5. Enter max in the input field

  6. Click unstake (use aggressive gas)

  7. This will unstake the principle and rewards

  8. Click bridge on the left menu or go to:

  9. Connect your wallet (that you just used to unstake cFRM ) on the BSC network

  10. Select cFRM from the drop-down

  11. Execute the Approve transaction if needed ( when MetaMask pops up choose use “default”)

  12. After the approval, enter max in the input field.

  13. Click swap

  14. Once the bridge swap is done, the UI will notify you to switch to the destination network (Arbitrum). Click the button to switch network

  15. A pop-up notifies you that you have bridged tokens available for withdrawal. Click the new button on the pop-up to execute the withdrawal transaction.

  16. Now you have cFRM on Arbitrum 🎉

  17. This time, click the cFRM Arbitrum pool.

  18. Stake the tokens following on-screen prompts.

That's it! You are al done 🤠

Known Issues

  1. If you encounter an issue related to liquidity while bridging, such as insufficient liquidity, please notify our team by raising a ticket through the chat icon on this page.

  2. If you haven’t recently updated your RPC in MetaMask for BSC after their recent update, you should do that by removing the RPC for BSC in MetaMask and adding the new one from Chainlist.

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